Geothermalمشاركة |

geo Geothermal energy is generated from natural underground heat. It is environmentally clean and safe, not subject to fluctuations in use, and can be used around the clock throughout the year. It is a prime source of energy generation in a number of countries around the world, usually in volcanically active locations such as Iceland and New Zealand. Volcanic activity in Saudi Arabia is limited but nevertheless sufficient for utilization of geothermal plants alongside other energy sources.

Geothermal energy can be generated in one of three ways: Dry Steam, Flash Steam and Binary-Cycle. K●A●CARE will pursue the first of these driving pipes deep into the earth in order to generate steam to drive turbines that generate electricity. As geothermal technologies develop, in which K●A●CARE will seek to work with stakeholders in Saudi Arabia, so other opportunities will arise that will make the sector increasingly economically viable. The target installed capacity for geothermal energy is 1GW by 2032.