Windمشاركة |

wind Wind is an environmentally friendly source of renewable energy generation and is widely perceived as a key solution in the fight against climate change. As a result its use is increasing markedly across the globe and especially in China, India, Brazil and Mexico.

K●A●CARE will pursue the installation of wind turbines bearing in mind that fundamental to their efficiency is their location. In Saudi Arabia, the likelihood is that wind turbines will be installed along the coasts of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf with the recommended aim of generating 9GW of electricity by 2032 that will be used primarily for seawater desalination and the conversion of brackish water to potable water. Even so, wind availability is unpredictable thus implying wind energy will be most useful in combination with other renewable energy sources.

Wind turbines are undergoing continuous technological evolution to enhance their efficiency and so, integral to its open market approach, K●A●CARE will work in partnership with stakeholders to undertake research and development, develop inter-related national industries, and educate and train Saudi nationals in the technology, skills and expertise of wind energy and turbines in-Kingdom.