Nuclear Framework Officeمشاركة |

The Nuclear Framework Office at K.A.CARE is the primary responsible body and the main coordinator of bilateral and multilateral agreements in the atomic energy sector. The Office also supervises over all the activities of the Arab Atomic Energy Agency in Tunisia and the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, including the Technical Cooperation Program, which assists member states to benefit from all IAEA services; namely the Agency's basic approach to transfer nuclear technology to member states in subjects such as Health, Food, Agriculture and energy.

Moreover, The Office works and coordinates with the Office at Vienna, which carries out the appointed tasks in coordination with the Saudi Embassy at Austria and the Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia in the international organizations at Vienna within the framework of coordination between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the presidency of K.A.CARE. The Office shall exercise its functions at the direction of the Ambassador or Permanent Representative, and it shall operate under the umbrella of the Permanent Delegation. All correspondences shall be signed by the Ambassador or the Permanent Representative. The Office is also briefed on all developments as the reference of other delegations or officials of international organizations. The Director of the Office shall act as the Technical Adviser to the Ambassador on relevant subjects.