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 About CPP


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)’s renewable energy Competitive Procurement Program (CPP) is being designed applying best practices from similar procurements worldwide, & customized to meet KSA’s energy mix targets. Multiple procurement rounds preceded by an Introductory Round are being envisioned over the first two to three years of the program.

K•A•CARE is establishing a standalone government-backed entity, the Sustainable Energy Procurement Company (SEPC), responsible for administering the procurement and executing and managing the PPAs. Qualified proponents will be able to submit proposals electronically through this portal. The evaluation of proposals will combine price and non-price factors, enabling alignment of the CPP with the broader objectives of K•A•CARE. Prior to the launch of each round, qualified proponents will have the opportunity to review and comment on draft RFPs and the terms of the PPAs, and K•A•CARE/SEPC may consider using this feedback in finalizing the RFPs and PPAs.