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From the start, K●A●CARE has sought to partner with local and international businesses in all aspects of its activities as progress is made towards implementation of every facet of its ultimate objectives. Thus, prominent local and foreign engineering consultancies have been directly involved in developing the Master Plan for the proposed Sustainable City and as progress is made towards implementation of the Plan so local and overseas developers, contractors and engineers, working alone or in partnership, will be sought to participate in the business opportunities arising.

Furthermore, K●A●CARE is now moving forward in issuing its first solar energy tender. This foresees the direct involvement of national and overseas companies not just in the supply of the required equipment and expertise but in local manufacture, the transference of knowledge, the provision of on-the-ground services, and the training of Saudi nationals in all aspects of solar technology from production through construction of the solar fields to their on-going maintenance. Opportunities will also be sought for Saudis to participate with principals in solar energy research and in establishing companies with a focus on exporting energy-sector products and services. Overall it is targeted that a minimum of 80% of inputs to the solar energy sector will be sourced locally.

Over time, K●A●CARE will also seek input from local and international companies in the atomic energy sector. Nevertheless there will be substantial opportunities for Saudi businesses to participate in the sector in the fields of construction and supply of materials such that K●A●CARE foresees 60% of all inputs being obtained locally.

The move to sustainable energy is perceived as a very strong enabler of industrial development but this is not to intimate that the focus is solely on those industries directly involved in the energy sector. By ensuring the utilization of an increasing level of energy from natural sources it becomes possible for fossil fuels to be diverted to more value-added activities.

As part of K●A●CARE’s desire for the development and growth of the sustainable energy sector, consideration is being given to introducing a “Dialogue with Professionals Forum” that will in due course have its own inter-active portal.