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sustainable-city10 K●A●CARE’s Sustainable City is the new home to the atomic and renewable energy sector in the Kingdom, the nucleus of the academic, research & development and economic drivers of this promising industry. As an enabler of this important sector, the Sustainable City will foster innovation, creativity and opportunity for its residents and visitors, allowing individuals and companies to thrive. Located 25 kilometers southwest of Riyadh, the City boasts some of the most dramatic and unique topographical features and nature. The end result will be the delivery of an empowered academic and business ecosystem and a lifestyle proposition that will attract local, regional, and global talent.


The Sustainable City will offer a new standard of real estate, amenities, and services to the Kingdom, using global benchmarks for quality of life, sustainability and dynamism. Special emphasis is being placed on education, healthcare, infrastructure and design. The K●A●CARE headquarters, National Laboratories and Innovation Park will be augmented by residential and commercial offerings, social infrastructure and entertainment destinations in a network of public spaces and gardens, all served by the latest information and communications technology (ICT) and transportation services. The City’s reach will extend far beyond its physical presence through a virtual network of professors and researchers, universities and research & development institutes, entrepreneurs and companies. K●A●CARE is more than a mega-project; it will epitomize a paradigm shift for the country, whereby economic development will rest on knowledge and intellectual capital.

The Sustainable City Projects

Transportation Innovation Workshop with Global Thought Leaders