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 Exploration of Uranium Ores in the Kingdom


Within the framework of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 to diversify the sources of income for the country, and in light of previous studies carried out by the ministry of petroleum and mineral resources, between 1983 - 1987, which concluded that several regions in the Kingdom had indicated uranium mineralization with several concentration levels that stimulate the uranium mining within a variety of geological environments. K.A.CARE and Saudi Geological Survey have prepared a proposal for an exploration and evaluation program for the uranium ores in the Kingdom that aims to invest in raw materials as part of the national strategy.

This program should contribute in diversifying the sources of income and increasing the local content of value chains, including services, products, jobs, and encouraging the useful contribution of the private sector.

This project aims to reach an estimate that confirms the resources of uranium ores in the Kingdom, which is divided into two phases:

1. General Exploration phase (Inferred Resource Estimation)

2. Detailed Exploration phase (Measured Resource Estimation & Indicated)