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In pursuit of K.A.CARE's ambitious vision of introducing a combination of atomic and renewable energy (sustainable energy) to Saudi Arabia's energy system to contribute to the provision of sustainable national development requirements set out in Vision 2030 in accordance with national requirements and international commitments, and to enhance the role of Saudi Arabia as a leading active country in the field of energy. K.A.CARE has established the engineering and project management sector as the executive arm of the projects to supervise over the implementation processes, by developing plans and strategies for existing and future projects. The sector also undertakes planning, feasibility studies, engineering and technical support in various engineering fields, by utilizing expertise and consulting companies to ensure the successful implementation of projects and achieve their objectives.

​Saudi National Atomic Energy Project

Saudi National Atomic Energy Project is the pillar of which all atomic energy projects revolve around in Saudi Arabia. It was adopted after the issuance of the Royal Decree No. 43309 dated 19/9/1438 AH. Saudi National Atomic Energy Project consists of four main components, as follows:



Nuclear Power Plant Project (NPP) in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is keen to meet its energy demands and to integrate reliable and credible nuclear energy technology into the energy generation mix by identifying and selecting the best technologies to build the first nuclear power plant. Thus, K.A.CARE plans to build the first power plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which consists of two units of Pressured Water Reactors (PWR) where K.A.CARE has requested technical suppliers (Russia, America, France, South Korea and China) to provide integrated data on the technologies available, and offer the Supplier's reference Design that suits the climatic and environmental conditions of Saudi Arabia. As well as to meet the legislative requirements and systems adopted by the Nuclear and Radiation Control Authority in order to achieve the highest levels of nuclear safety and security, in addition to the best financial offers.


Preparatory Phase of the Nuclear Power Plant Project

K.A.CARE has held several workshops with technical suppliers to identify technical specifications, meet the requirements of technical safety, indigenization of technologies, timetables for building the power plant, as well as developing local competencies.

K.A.CARE also contacted the IAEA to assess the development of Saudi Arabia's nuclear energy infrastructure by requesting the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR), which was carried out with experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and a number of representatives of partners. The results of this study indicate that Saudi Arabia has made progress in the development of its nuclear energy infrastructure with the need to complete some of the requirements, as K.A.CARE is completing these requirements to ensure the readiness of the infrastructure for the introduction of nuclear energy within the system In Saudi Arabia.


Site Characterization and Infrastructure preparation

The project aims to carry out technical and engineering environmental studies and research on the two sites marked for the establishment of the nuclear power plant, and to prepare the selected site with infrastructure and basic facilities to achieve the highest levels of nuclear safety and security based on the instructions and requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The project includes conducting 25 technical and engineering extensive studies of the site characteristics to configure and prepare the necessary documents to submit the site license application issued by the Nuclear and Radiation Control Authority for the establishment of the first atomic power plant in Saudi Arabia.


National Center of Radioactive Waste Management ( RWM ) Facilities Development Program​

K.A.CARE – represented by the engineering and project management sector - will start implementing the project of configuring and developing the site of the National Center for Radioactive Waste Management to meet all international obligations and national regulations related to the management of radioactive waste, in order to protect the environment from any possible spread of any kind Radioactive contamination from radioactive waste facilities.