RESEARCH 2019مشاركة |

1. Environmental Dust Characteristics and Dust Removal From Surfaces: Self-Cleaning Applications

2. Computational Design of High Work-function Contact for Solar Cells
3. Fabrication of Single Crystal Perovskite Solar Cells and Quantum Dot Co-Sensitized DSSC
4. Solar PV-Wind Powered Hybrid RO Desalination System
5. Impact of Renewable Energy Integration on Power System Operation and Control
6. Reducing high PV module temperature by enhancing heat dissipation 
7. Optimal Integration of Renewable Energy with Conventional Plants in Comparison with Standalone Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Co/Multi Generation of Power Cooling and Desalination Systems
8. Solar and wind renewable energy potential assessment and pertinent systems optimization
9. Integrating Photovoltaic and Photoelectrochemical Cells to Fabricate a Hybrid Device for Solar Hydrogen Production
10. Development of Nanostructured Electrocatalysts for the Conversion of Renewably-Generated Electrical Energy into Chemical Energy
11. Shape-Stabilized Phase Change Materials for Solar Energy Storage: MgO and Mg(OH)2 mixed with Polyethylene Glycol 
12. Nanostructured Protective Layer for Photovoltaic Applications Suitable under Harsh Weather conditions
13. Enabling Significant Penetrations of Distributed Photovoltaic Systems: Perspectives of the Customers and Electric Utility
14. Smart Hybrid Energy Storage System for Solar Power Applications Under Critical Weather Conditions
15. Developing of a Solar Power Electrical Drive System Considering Saudi Arabia Weather Conditions
16. Water Droplet Behavior On Inclined Dusty Hydrophobic Surface In Relation With Self Cleaning Surfaces
17. Multi-terminal DC Transmission Network Control for Renewable Energy Integration
18. Fabrication of Novel Perovskite-Based Bilayer-Electrodes Electrochemical Capacitor for Efficient Energy Storage
19. Fabrication of Bismuth Telluride based Thermoelectric smart materials for Electricity generation and Cooling of Photovoltaic devices (Solar Cells) using Advanced Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique
20. Fabrication of Light Responsive Super Capacitor for Energy Harvesting and Energy Storage Applications Using Electric Field Assisted PLAL Method
21. Fabrication of Novel All-Solid-State Perovskite Electrochemical Cells for Energy Harvesting and Energy Storage
22. Transparent Dust Repellent Surfaces for Photovoltaic Solar Cells
23. A Novel Design of High-Voltage High-Power Lightning Impulse Generator for Renewable and Microgrid Equipment Testing
24. Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
25. Modifications of Hybrid Perovskite Materials for Robust and Efficient Energy Applications
26. Development of Solar Driven Water Purification System Using Functionalized Nanocomposite Photo-Catalysts Synthesized Locally
27. Load Voltage Sensitivities Based Demand Response Controller in Distribution Systems
28. Capacity Optimization of Battery Energy Storage Systems for Hybrid PV and Wind Generation
29. Droplet Dynamics on Hydrophobic Surfaces for Self-Cleaning Applications
30. Reliability-based coordinated planning of transmission and energy storage in power systems with high renewable energy integration using robust optimization
31. Planning Model of Electric Vehicles and Battery Storage System Aggregators in a Distribution Network to Participate in Ancillary Services Markets
32. Solution Crystallization of Polycarbonate Surfaces and Replication of Crystallized Surface by PDMS: Dust Removal for Self-cleaning Applications